How Legal Is it to Bat Trap in Fresno

California bats can be a menace to a household. They harbor diseases and can dump all over your Fresno property. A sure way to deal with such a menace is to exclude them from your property. There are various exclusion techniques available for you to choose from. Exclusion is a process that requires patience on your part. If you want to get rid of the bats immediately, you might be considering using a trap. In some states, trapping of bats is illegal and is liable to punishment by the law. Bat trapping can be prohibited depending on:

Controversial purposes

If a bat species is marked as endangered, the state may prohibit its trapping because trapping is an inhumane method. In America where there are about 20 bat species, 5 of them are marked as endangered. They include;

  • Florida bonneted bat
  • Grey bat
  • Indiana bat
  • Ozark big-eared bat
  • Mexican long-nosed bat
  • Virginia big-eared bat

  • Location

    It is almost impossible to exclude California bats in open areas. Since bats are frugivorous and herbivorous, they may cause losses to farmers. A farmer may be allowed to trap them if that is the case. Otherwise, trapping bats in areas where they can be successfully excluded is illegal.

    Environmental conservation

    Fresno bats are considered a vital component of our environments. As much as Fresno bats can be environmental hazards within a household, they are important components of the ecosystem. By degrading the environment through bat trapping you could face the law in some states.

    Wildlife conservation

    There are laws governing all wild animals in general. Wild animals are considered a national heritage in many states. People travel from all over the planet to see bats in their habitats. By trapping them, for whichever reason, you are likely to fall on the wrong side of the law.

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