Where Do Fresno Rats Prefer to Live: Urban or Wild Areas?

You might be wondering where Fresno rats live more, considering the frequency you see it around your house or hear people complaining about a rat infestation. This article will:

  • Answer if more rats live in urban or wild areas
  • Discuss why it is so

  • Urban or Wild

    California rats live more in an urban area than in the wild area. This is why it is so much of a menace to human, with many ways of trapping and killing them. If they lived more in the wild, they wouldn' t have been a bother to humans. The article will then proceed to answer why they live more in urban areas.

    Why do Rats Live More in Urban Areas

    Rats like every other animal or living things are driven by the instinct for survival. Thus, they will be more attracted to areas where their survival will be easier. Some of this instinct includes the search for:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Warmth

  • Food

    Every living thing, including Fresno rats, requires food to survive. They would want to stay where it is very easy for them to access food. There is no better place than in the urban area where people buy and stock up on food in their homes. Considering that rats can eat virtually anything that humans can eat, it is no surprise that they are often found in homes.


    Rats also need a home. Fortunately, they can also feel at home in houses that humans live in. This provides them with a lot of places to hide when they are threatened without having to get to their hole or normal hiding place. In the wild, however, they are more exposed to predators.


    When California rats stay in homes in the urban areas, the house helps to keep the warm-blooded animal warm always. In the wild, however, they are more affected by adverse weather conditions.

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