How Often Do Relocated California Rats Make It?

You have a Fresno rat attack in your home and you wish to relocate the rat. You are also very concerned about the welfare of the rat and you want to know their chances of survival if they are relocated

They Don't Survive

Relocated California rats hardly survive when they are relocated. In most cases, they die off due to a number of reasons. The reasons are discussed subsequently.

Reasons Why Relocated Rats Don't Survive

The reasons why relocated rats don't survive include:

  • Food
  • Environment
  • Loneliness

  • These are discussed below:


    Food is a major requirement for every living thing and we all need to die. Relocating a Fresno rat to the wild might make cut it off from food supply. Perhaps the reason why the rat came to your house in the first place is because of food. Favorite rat foods like peanut and cheese cannot be found in the bush. Hence, they might starve and die. You can avoid this by ensuring you relocate them to a place where they can easily get other favorite food alternatives.


    The environment you relocate them to is also very important. Rats are warm blooded animals and hence, won' t survive in very cold weather. Should you relocate them to a place where the temperature is very low and they will be exposed to snow or other cold weather conditions, they will not survive. You should put this into consideration when relocating them.


    Rats are social animals. Thus, they love to live in groups, or at least in pairs. Relocating the California rat to the wild where there are no other rats, could be an unbearable punishment that will subsequently lead to the death of the rat. If you are so concerned, make sure there is a pair (either caught in your house or bought) to drop off with it in the new favorable home you want to relocate it to.

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